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Gabriel's Messenger Films

Gabriel's Messenger Films makes inspiring true stories for worldwide distribution.  GMF works on films at all stages of production, distribution, and marketing for faith friendly films. 



Nicole Abisinio-Founder and CEO

Nicole Abisinio started her career in investment management, working in private equity and hedge funds for 6 years while simultaneously working as an actress. Her producing career was born out of the merging of both fields. She started working as a production accountant in NYC and then started to work in film funding as an EP for agencies and producers with packaged projects, bringing multi-million dollar deals to the table for films with actors including Terence Howard, Jack Black and Samuel L Jackson. This led to her interest in making her own independent features, where she finally found her niche.


First, Nicole was producing and casting thrillers, action films and art-house features, casting stars including Norman Reedus (Walking Dead, Boondock Saints) and Justin Hartley (Mistresses, Smallville).  Her films showed worldwide success-leading her to the red carpet in Cannes and on television in Russia. Her work on the fight film Gutter King was picked up by Metrodome, one of the largest UK distributions.  She was presented with Best Feature Film award by John Travolta at Sunscreen Film Festival for her quirky comedy Prime of Your Life.


Then everything changed.   God called her to work for His kingdom and mission.  As he showed her how powerful the medium of film is and that what she put into the world actually can forever change a person's life, she transferred over solely to faith and family features.  


With the new path, She started to see her films changing lives and giving audiences joy and life purpose.  Doors opened for successful distribution including nationwide theater chains, WalMart for DVD, and TBN for national television.  Her greatest producing success was Romano's The Investigator. She then followed joining marketing ranks with Movie to Movement and Motive Entertainment working on movies including Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's Son of God, Max Lucado's A Christmas Candle, and a feature on Mother Teresa. 


Nicole recently launched her non-profit ministry, Gabriel's Messenger Ministries.   She is a public speaker on faith throughout the country including keynote speaker for Kiwanis on National Prayer Day.  She has been featured on Christian radio and television including Moody Radio, Gus Lloyd's Seize the Day, Spirit FM, and Catholic TV.  She continues to evangelize through her ministry.


Nicole's inspirational article was recently published by The Praying Woman and reached over two million subscribers.  Her devotional book "Sing to the Lord a New Song" will be released in 2016.


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